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Choosing the Right Catering Style for a Large 100 Person Wedding

Updated: Apr 24

Ever since your engagement, you have put in hours upon hours planning for your big day. As the guest list continues to grow, the task of finding a catering company for 100 people may seem like a considerable challenge to tackle and ensure everyone is well-fed and satisfied.

Every wedding is different, and so is every catering service. Similarly, catering for 100 people is completely different from catering for a smaller gathering.

When planning a large wedding with over 100 guests, one of the key elements to consider is the catering style. The catering style you choose will not only impact the dining experience but also contribute to the overall atmosphere of your special day.

Here at Catering By John Lowe, we have extensive experience providing custom catering for hundreds of people. In this blog, we look at the different catering styles to consider for a large 100 person wedding.

Let's delve into the options so you can find a catering style that's right for your wedding.

Buffet Style for Variety and Flexibility

catering for 100 people Chester County PA

Catering for 100 people or more requires a catering style that can accommodate a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Buffet-style catering offers the advantage of variety and flexibility.

With a buffet, the guests can choose from a wide selection of dishes, allowing them to customize their plates to their liking. This style encourages mingling and socializing as guests move through the buffet line, interacting with one another.

Additionally, buffet-style catering ensures that guests can eat at their own pace, providing a relaxed and casual dining experience, making it a leading catering option for 100-person weddings.

As a full-service catering company serving across Lancaster County, Chester County, and Berks County, we can help put together an elegant buffet for your wedding reception, ensuring your guests have a fantastic time.

Plated Service for Elegance and Sophistication

For events that are more formal and elegant, a plated service is another excellent option to consider when you are catering for 100 people.

With plated service, your wedding caterers will serve each guest individually at their table. This style adds a touch of sophistication to your wedding reception, creating a refined dining experience.

different catering styles in Lancaster County, PA

Plated service allows for a more structured timeline, ensuring that all guests receive their meals simultaneously.

It also provides an opportunity for your wedding caterer to carefully present and garnish each plate, thereby enhancing the visual appeal of the dishes.

This style is particularly suitable if you have a specific menu in mind and want to provide a polished and seamless dining experience for your guests.

Family-Style Dining for Togetherness and Interaction

Family-style dining is another popular option among couples catering for 100 people. This type of dining experience is an ideal choice if you want to foster a sense of togetherness and encourage interaction among your guests.

In this catering style, your custom catering company will place large platters of food on each table, and guests help themselves to the dishes they desire.

Chester County Wedding Caterer

This communal dining experience creates a warm and intimate atmosphere, allowing your guests to engage in conversation as they pass around the shared dishes.

Family-style dining encourages guests to interact and connect as they discuss their food preferences, share recommendations, and pass around the various dishes. It creates a convivial environment where guests can feel comfortable and enjoy the company of others. This style is particularly popular for weddings with a more casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Family-style dining is a great catering option for 100 people as it promotes a sense of closeness and unity among the guests.

Food Stations for Variety and Engagement

Food stations are equally popular when it comes to catering for 100 people.

In this catering style, your large event catering company will set up various stations throughout the venue, each offering a different type of cuisine, appetizer, dessert or beverage.

Guests can explore the stations, interact with the chefs, and choose their desired dishes.

Engaging Activity Pretzel Board from Wedding Caterer in Lancaster County

Food stations cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone. They also provide a dynamic and interactive dining experience, allowing guests to engage with the culinary offerings in a personalized and exciting way.

Food stations can be themed according to different cuisines, such as an Asian-inspired station, a seafood station, or a dessert station. This style encourages guests to explore and discover new flavors, fostering a sense of culinary adventure and engagement.

If you are looking for an experienced wedding or corporate catering company for your 100-person event, contact the team at Catering By John Lowe today!

"Wanderer" Upgrade: Ensuring Guest Satisfaction Throughout the Evening

At Catering By John Lowe, we offer a unique catering option called the "Wanderer” upgrade, specifically designed for large events. This is the perfect option when you are catering for 100 people or more.

This catering style involves servers roaming around the venue with trays of delicious food, continuously offering bite-sized appetizers and small plates to the guests at the end of the evening. You might even spot one of our servers on the dance floor, as we've had the pleasure of not only serving but also witnessing some impressive dance moves from our wanderers at some of the venues we regularly cater at such as Stoltzfus Homestead & Garden or Reinhart’s Barns on Oaklane.

The "Wanderer" upgrade ensures that guests are consistently satisfied with the food, eliminating any downtime at the end of the night. This interactive and attentive service creates a seamless dining experience, with guests always having access to delectable food.

Contact Catering By John Lowe for Full-Service Catering for Your 100 Person Wedding

Whether you're hosting a gathering at a venue hall in Millersville, PA, or celebrating in style at an estate in Elizabethtown, PA, the choice of catering style plays a pivotal role in creating an unforgettable dining experience for your guests. At Catering By John Lowe, we specialize in catering for 100+ people and offer a range of catering styles to match your unique vision, budget, and guest preferences.

Whether you opt-in for a buffet-style setup, plated service, family-style dining, food stations, or upgrade it with our "Wanderers" option, we are your go-to catering company. At Catering By John Lowe, we provide a range of catering styles that offer unique benefits and create a delightful ambiance for your event.

Consider the style that aligns best with your vision, budget, and guest preferences. By selecting the right catering style, you can ensure that your wedding reception leaves a lasting impression on your guests, creating beautiful memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Through our unique catering services, we will work with you to create a customized menu tailored to your event and requirements. While we offer social event catering services throughout Lancaster County, PA, Berks County, PA, and Chester County, PA, we are more than willing to travel anywhere you need us to ensure that your special event is a success. Our team would be happy to help you choose the perfect catering style for your event.

Contact us today for a free catering quote!

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