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Key to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Caterer Near Lancaster PA: Tasting and Samplings

Updated: Apr 24

As you embark on the journey of planning your special day, finding the ideal wedding caterer near you becomes a crucial step in bringing your vision to life. For a lot of couples, food is one of the most important aspects of their big day. That's why it's important to schedule a wedding tasting before you finalize a caterer.

Whether you are planning a buffet, sit-down dinner, or table station, a food sampling with a wedding caterer is highly recommended before making your final decision. Thoughtfully planning the hors d'oeuvres to the main course will ensure the reception turns out perfectly, putting your mind at ease and allowing you to focus on other aspects of your wedding.

If you are searching for wedding caterers near Lancaster, PA, make sure you explore the tasting experience before selecting a caterer.

What is a Wedding Tasting?

As you start to look for local wedding caterers near Lancaster, PA, you’ll want to make an appointment after you’ve already had some discussions with them for a wedding tasting and sampling session. This allows you to taste the potential menu items that will be served on your special day. This way, you can choose your favorites and finalize the wedding menu. A wedding sampling can include appetizers, the main course, drinks, desserts, and more.

A wedding tasting typically happens long before the wedding day, giving you ample time to make any changes to the custom wedding menu. When searching for the perfect wedding caterer near Lancaster, PA to serve at your special event, it's crucial to consider a few key aspects that will ensure an unforgettable culinary experience.

A Food Tasting Allows You to Determine if the Food Tastes Good

Let’s say you found a full-service catering company on Instagram, and you were blown away by their heavenly photos and mouth-watering dishes. You are sure the food will taste just as good as it looks... but not so fast!

Before moving forward on impulse, make sure to schedule a food tasting to sample the dishes and decide for yourself if it’s truly as good as it looks.

A food tasting allows you to taste, see, smell, and experience the food that will be served on the big day.

You’ll find that each custom catering company prepares and cooks food differently, so this is a great opportunity to ensure the menu and the taste meet your expectations, so you can confidently choose the best-fit wedding caterer near Lancaster, PA.

A Food Sampling Allows you to Narrow Your Choice and Finalize the Menu

During the tasting, you will get a chance to meet the head chef and discuss your vision and taste preferences. This is your time to really communicate what you want for your special day. It's a chance to explore different food combinations, adjust seasonings, and ensure that every dish is a reflection of your unique style and taste. The feedback you provide during the sampling session allows the caterer to fine-tune the menu to perfection, ensuring that each course delights your taste buds and leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

When considering wedding caterers near Lancaster, PA, it's crucial to inquire about their flexibility with customizing not only the menu items but even the ingredients themselves. Finding a caterer who can accommodate your specific dietary needs and preferences is a rare gem and a strong indication that you can have your menu tailored to your exact liking.

Wedding Caterer near Lancaster County PA

Discuss Your Key Concerns

You, your guests, or your family members may have certain food preferences. Whether you have guests who are vegetarians or pescetarians, it’s important that you can accommodate them so they don’t miss out on the experience! Be sure to communicate this to your wedding caterer so they can provide you with some great alternative options.

You may also want to consider the dietary specifications and allergies of your guests. Adjustments are crucial, especially if you know that some of your guests are allergic to specific food items and ingredients. This is something you will definitely need to convey to your wedding caterer.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure all your guests can eat, and most importantly, enjoy the experience. When narrowing down your selection of wedding caterers near Lancaster, PA, be sure that the one you choose has the ability to meet these requirements.

Get a Sneak Peek of their Catering Set-Up

Food sampling affords you a quick glimpse of what each wedding caterer can offer as well as their set-up. This is your chance to experience first-hand how they present their food, how they set the tables, whether they decorate the food tables in intricate detail and more.

This is also a good opportunity to determine whether the caters are making good on their promise. For example, if they claim to offer unique catering services or scratch kitchen catering, a food-tasting event is the perfect opportunity to see them at work!

Seeing the food, service, and presentation first-hand will give you a better idea about how professional their wedding catering services are compared to other wedding caters near Lancaster, PA. In fact, the way they treat you during the tasting event will demonstrate how they will treat your wedding guests.

You can Decide Which Cocktails will Go with the Wedding Menu

As you continue looking at the different wedding caterers near Lancaster, PA, it’s good to know if they offer fun menu cocktails at the tasting as these can be a fun way to celebrate your union!

If you attend the tasting with this in mind, you can determine which beverage you’ll want to make sure is on the menu. Be sure to ask your caterer for their suggestions if needed, as they would be happy to help.

Looking for the Best Wedding Caterers Near Lancaster PA? –You’ve Found Us!

Still searching for wedding caterers near me?

At Catering By John Lowe, we believe that the wedding food tasting needs to be more than just a sampling, it needs to be an experience. The presentation, taste, and menu are all important aspects of ensuring a fantastic experience for your guests.

We understand that choosing the right catering company can be an overwhelming experience, which is why we strive to educate each of our couples during the tasting so we can awaken their senses. We want each of our couples to feel 100% confident in their decision when choosing us.

While there are many different wedding caterers near Lancaster, PA, you’ll find that we are not your average caterer. We go above and beyond for each of our clients to ensure their full satisfaction and will customize the menu down to the ingredients. Not only that but during our tastings, we make sure that every guest is both full and satisfied (taking home leftovers is encouraged).

There’s a reason why 98% of our couples place a deposit after a wedding tasting with us because it’s just that good! If you are looking for a unique experience, then you’ve come to the right place. We proudly serve all over Lancaster County, PA, Berks County, PA, Chester County, PA, and beyond!

Request a catering quote today and schedule your wedding tasting with Catering By John Lowe.

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