Catering by John Lowe is a family-owned and operated catering company based in Berks County, Pennsylvania. John Lowe is a Navy veteran who first learned to cook aboard an aircraft carrier serving upwards of 7,000 people four times a day while patrolling the Mediterranean Sea. John later went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America and establish an illustrious career as an executive chef in the hotel industry running several prominent hotels, night clubs, and restaurants in the tri-state area. 


In 1992, John began to received numerous requests for the cutting-edge style of food and service he routinely offered.  He started to accept offers from some high-end clientele looking for exceptional food and service outside the typical center city hotel setting.  Word of mouth quickly spread of his decision.  When joined by his wife Susan (former Director of Catering for Korman Suites Hotel and Director of Catering Sales at the Holiday Inn of West Chester) Catering by John Lowe was officially formed.


Catering by John Lowe has grown over the years and now employs John, his wife, their three daughters and a full staff. Our company has become a leader in the industry providing our clients with a wide range of food options from cutting-edge trends to the romantic classics. We provide each of our clients with exciting and customized menus of unsurpassed quality for everything from office parties to weddings.