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The Inspiring Journey of a Navy Veteran Turned Catering Company Owner

At Catering By John Lowe, we are a family owned and operated catering company based in Berks County, Pennsylvania. John Lowe, our founder, was a Navy veteran who was able to hone his culinary cooking skills while he was serving aboard an aircraft carrier. It was then, that he serviced upwards of 7,000 people four times a day while patrolling the Mediterranean Sea. John later went on to attend the Culinary Institute of America and establish an illustrious career as an executive chef in the hotel industry running several prominent hotels, nightclubs, and restaurants in the tri-state area. 

In 1992, John began to receive numerous requests for the cutting-edge style of food and service he routinely offered. He started to accept offers from some high-end clientele looking for exceptional food and service outside the typical center city hotel setting. Word of mouth quickly spread about his decision to form his own catering company. When joined by his wife Susan (former Director of Catering for Korman Suites Hotel and Director of Catering Sales at the Holiday Inn of West Chester), Catering By John Lowe was officially formed.

Full Service Catering Company - Catering By John Lowe

Over the years, our catering company has grown to become one of the most trusted and sought-after catering companies in the local area thanks to our devoted clients. If it wasn’t for all our wonderful clients, we wouldn’t be where we are today! John and Susan lead a great team made up of daughters, granddaughters, and a dedicated front and back-of-the-house staff.

At Catering By John Lowe, we are proud to have become a leader in the industry for providing our clients with a wide range of food options from cutting-edge trends to the romantic classics. It's our dedication and commitment to serving our clients that enables us to create exciting and customized menus of unsurpassed quality.

Meet Our Team Members

Catering Details at CBYJL

We believe that our team members are the heart of our business. As a family-owned business, we take great pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional service, which is made possible by the talent and dedication of our team. If you are interested in joining our team of passionate individuals, we're always looking for great additions! Contact us by filling out a form on our website, and someone will be in touch with you soon to discuss potential opportunities.

John Lowe - Owner of Catering By John Lowe

John Lowe

Owner & Head Chef

“I love the creative aspect of cooking and being able to share my skills with others both personally and professionally. I made my way to the kitchen at age 12 after failing as a busboy. The moment I spilled water on the hostess, she took me to the chef, and I haven’t left the kitchen since.” 

Ann Kirkpatrick - Director at Catering By John Lowe

Ann Kirkpatrick

Director of Food & Beverage

“Growing up, my Dad instilled a love of food and an appreciation for watching others enjoy a meal. I enjoy the challenge of arranging events and leading my team through ever-changing obstacles. My passion lies in using my problem-solving skills and creativity to enhance both the taste and presentation of food. For those who do not know me, I am John and Susan’s youngest daughter. I have been with the company since birth, but full-time for the last 15 years now. I am proud to say the legacy continues with my daughter who now works for the company.”

Colleen Romasky - Manager at Catering By John Lowe

Colleen Romasky

Operations Manager

“I enjoy being a part of making peoples’ forever moments memorable. Knowing that I helped make their dreams come true is what drives me. One of the things I love about working in the catering industry is that I can help in all aspects because I know my way around in the kitchen (as I am a classically trained pastry chef as well), the dining room, and the bar.”

Sterling Jones - Chef at Catering By John Lowe

Sterling Jones

Sous Chef

“I have a passion for food, plain and simple. I initially started my career in a more corporate setting, but I am elated that I am able to work for a company where I can let my passion shine. For me, it's all about creating dynamic displays and serving elegant plates of food. An interesting tidbit about me is even though I love to cook, I do not eat meat. But I can sure cook up a mean steak!”

Susan Lowe - Owner of Catering By John Lowe

Susan Lowe


“I love that our family-owned business plays a role in helping couples form their own families. The swelling of pride I feel seeing our clients and guests enjoying themselves is more than enough for me. When I’m not working events, I’m at home with my English Bulldogs as I am an avid dog lover!”

Jennifer Hanley - Director of Catering By John Lowe

Jennifer Hanley

Director of Sales

“Sometimes planning an event can be a stressful undertaking for clients. But for me, what makes my job great is being able to use my expertise in my family's business to alleviate their worries and hardships. There is nothing better than resolving a potential problem or concern, and hearing the sighs of relief at the end of the call.


I have a little fun fact about me is that I have a degree in fine arts from Kutztown University. I think this has helped me get a little more creative in my role when helping clients!”

Dexter Gibbins - Chef at Catering By John Lowe

Dexter Gibbings

Executive Chef

“I loved watching chefs cook back in the day. I just loved their passion and the fast-pace of the kitchen. That is what hooked me into the culinary world. The collective drive to rise above the pressure and heat (literally) and do something great together. A little-known fact about myself and other chefs is that what matters most to us is the satisfaction we get from seeing others enjoy our food.”

Jenna Sauder - Admin Assistant at Catering By John Lowe

Jenna Sauder

Administrative Assistant

" I am so grateful to be a part of the Catering by John Lowe family and to be able to work in such an exciting industry and environment. I am passionate about helping our couples create their perfect wedding day and making it as unforgettable as my own!"

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