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Catering with a Conscience: How We're Greening the Food Service Industry

Updated: 3 days ago

farm to table catering by John Lowe

From responsibly sourcing premium local ingredients to ensuring no scrap of food goes to waste, protecting the planet guides every aspect of Catering by John Lowe's business. Allow us to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how this forward-thinking caterer is making luxury events a little bit "greener."

Tackling Food Waste, One Meal at a Time

After any other big event, perfectly good leftover food often gets thrown away -- a terrible waste of resources and a missed opportunity to feed the hungry. Not at Catering by John Lowe. This eco-minded company is committed to ensuring no surplus food ends up in the trash.

Once an event has wrapped up, the team carefully packs all leftover dishes and delivers those high-quality, chef-crafted meals to local hunger relief organizations like:

  • The Coatesville City Gate Mission, which provides meals along with shelter and support services to homeless families and individuals in Chester County.

  • The Chester County Food Bank, the central distribution hub providing millions of pounds of food each year to nearly 120 cupboards, churches, and organizations serving the local community.

  • Hope Rescue Mission, a place of refuge for people experiencing homelessness in Berks County

From Farm(er) to Fork -- Prioritizing Ultra-Fresh, Local Fare

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Another way Catering by John Lowe prioritizes sustainability is by working directly with local farmers, growers, fishermen, and food purveyors to source the freshest seasonal ingredients possible. Not only is this approach better for the environment by minimizing transportation emissions, but it also allows them to showcase outstanding quality and flavors.

In summer, you'll find their menus brimming with juicy heirloom tomatoes, sweet corn, zucchini, garden-fresh herbs, and more sourced from nearby farms. Come the cooler months, they transition to cold-weather gems like butternut and acorn squash, apples, potatoes, and other seasonal produce from local suppliers.

Using ultra-fresh ingredients that haven't been shipped long distances or artificially ripened is an obvious culinary advantage in terms of flavors and nutrition. But it's also significantly better for the environment.

Adopting Sustainable Practices at Every Turn

Of course, being an eco-friendly caterer involves much more than just mindful sourcing. The Catering by John Lowe team is continually identifying and adopting sustainable practices to reduce waste and minimize their environmental footprint across all aspects of operations. From using compostable paper products and reusable plates, flatware, and drinkware to instituting comprehensive recycling and composting programs, every little bit makes a difference.

Eco-Friendly Catering by John Lowe

Are they a 100% zero-waste, carbon-neutral operation yet? Not quite -- but Catering by John Lowe is making steady, measurable progress each year. The team remains deeply committed to the ongoing process of identifying and adopting with environmentally friendly practices, one delicious dish at a time. Their passion for providing "greener" luxury catering experiences only continues to grow.

So for your next special event in need of creative, conscientious cuisine and hospitality, look no further than Catering by John Lowe. This forward-thinking company is sure to impress with both incredible flavors and inspiring sustainable practices.

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